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Little about us

SoftPoint is an independent IT firm with a niche in Oracle technology platforms and products, offering consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and training services across the product range. We are registered with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in South Africa with registration number 2014/177156/07. 

The Softpoint firm helps both small and large organizations find solutions to complex business challenges by engaging various  Oracle-based technology, hence providing strategic and tactical directions in managing the implementation and integration of Oracle-based software solutions that are fast and cost-effective.

Our versatility and up-to-date knowledge of Oracle application solutions coupled with a line-up of very robust and well-trained partners. SoftPoint makes the process of implementing enterprise applications easier by providing “One-Stop” solutions for our entire customers.

We are empowered to make clients reap their investment in people and IT products and services.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Competence
  • Support services
  • Teamwork
  • Agility
  • Pride in people

Our Vision

We are empowered to make our clients reap their investments on people and IT products and services by meeting their digital transformation needs.
Acronym of our vision (REAP-IT)

Our Mission

We are here to deliver superior quality services whilst maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Global expertise, local perspective

Our solutions are built to excellent standards with an informed understanding of the problems faced by businesses in Africa.
Our organization in collaboration with our partners, offers a range of expertise in the following areas of Information Technology;



From entry-level servers to high-performance super computers and engineered systems, we are able to help organizations, large and small, reduce their hardware footprint while significantly increasing the performance-to-cost ratio.

We have the technical capability to the scope and deliver the best setup for your specific needs while providing your team with the right tools to monitor and manage the network. In addition, we work with the industry’s leading vendors to design and set up your security infrastructure.

Whether you are delivering a service online, backing up information offsite or simply making your systems accessible to staff members spread in a wide geographic area, SoftPoint works with you on the best way to bridge your internal resources with your choice of external provider.



We have the expertise and certification to deploy the full suite of critical business applications and databases. These provide speed, continuous availability, scalability, security, and cloud & backend analytics of data thus ensuring efficient service delivery.
Our business solutions secure your systems from unauthorized access as well as enable the audit of information for all system and data access.

Meanwhile, solutions delivered by SoftPoint help you greatly increase business agility, reduce downtime and minimize administration costs by enabling a reduce-reuse-retire system.
Lastly, with the need for the sharing of business data our expertise in SOA, middleware, and business process integration ensures that you can have transparent and seamless integration of the various applications.



SoftPoint has experience in deploying robust and scalable cloud, on-Premise, or hybrid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management solutions to help you increase productivity, improve controls and deliver a seamless customer experience.

We have expertise and experience in deploying business analytics solutions, the most comprehensive portfolio of technology and applications for the insight-driven organization. In addition, our managed service offering allows you to improve operational efficiency while reducing service management costs.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced solution architects works with you to configure and deliver a solution custom-made to your business from early design through to end-of-life management and migration.

Oracle Technology


We provide global and local training either on-site, off-site or virtual training intervention and collaboration with renowned international training outfits to address perceived training gaps for both public and private sector clients.

  • Identify and develop the key competencies required for success in end-user and super-user within your organization
  • Equip your employees with technical skills required for business success
  •  Leverage technology to optimize learning, we do more with less and achieve desired business outcomes
  • Develop employee induction or on-boarding programme that enable new hires to hit the ground running and speed up culture integration